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Proper Orthodontics Care in Fort Collins, CO

Having braces and other orthodontic appliances call for special dental care to ensure that teeth stay clean and healthy throughout your treatment. At the Toothzone Network, we’ll teach you the proper orthodontics care at your first appointment to ensure your teeth and appliances stay in tip-top shape. We provide orthodontics care at our two locations in Fort Collins, CO and will allow children to practice proper care at their appointment so they can see the best methods and practice them at home. We’ve compiled all the information about proper dental care here so parents and children can refer back to it as needed. If you have any questions, please reach out to us or be sure to ask them at your next appointment.


Step-by-Step Care for Braces

Since brackets and wires catch food easily, it’s important to clean your teeth after every meal or snack. Food that collects in your braces can cause noticeable etching of the enamel on teeth and can even cause gum disease if left too long. Gums may begin to bleed, and the disease will slow down the progress of your orthodontic treatment.

Proper Dental Care With Braces Includes the Following Steps:
Brush your teeth two to three times daily:
  • Start by brushing the teeth back and forth across the wires and gums to remove any food remnants.
  • Then brush as you normally would, as if you did not have any brackets.
  • You can start on the outside of the upper teeth and angle the bristles of your brush at 45 degrees, using a circular motion to brush the teeth.
  • Continue by doing the same on the upper teeth before moving on to the lower.
  • Use a mirror to ensure you have not missed any places.

If your gums bleed during brushing, this is not the time to stop brushing as it means your gums are not healthy. Instead, make sure you continue brushing and stimulating the gums by using the bristles of the brush. The best way to clean the gums is to angle your toothbrush so that you can thoroughly clean the area under your gum line.

Floss your teeth at least once per day
  • Use a special threader to thread the floss under your wire
  • Floss as you usually would, ensuring you get the floss between the teeth until reaching the gum line

Caring for Your Orthodontic Appliance

Retainers are an important part of the orthodontic process as they keep teeth in place after the removal of braces. Follow these tips to ensure you give your retainer the proper care:

  • Clean your retainer by using your toothbrush and toothpaste to brush the surface and remove any buildup.
  • Never flip your retainer with your tongue as it could cause permanent damage to your teeth.
  • Do not put your retainer in a napkin when removing them to eat. Always use your plastic case to prevent them from being thrown away.
  • Be sure not to leave the retainer in a car during the summer as heat can warp the shape of a retainer.
  • If you have a lower fixed retainer, make sure that you brush along the wire and use a threader to floss between the bottom teeth.

Care for Your Braces With a Proper Diet

Certain foods can be extremely damaging to brackets and wires and can even cause them to break. While you have braces, you should avoid extremely sticky foods like chewy candies, as well as extremely hard foods like ice cubes, popcorn, and other crunchy snacks. Some fruits and veggies, as well as meat, served bone-in, should be cut into pieces and chewed with back teeth.

Proper Care of Elastics

Elastics, or rubber bands, are commonly used in orthodontic treatment, but it’s imperative that they are worn and changed as directed by your orthodontist. Do not wear them intermittently, instead ensure you are only removing them to eat and to brush your teeth.

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