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Dr. Taylor is awesome. Really great with the kids and the parents too ☺️

Sandy Woodin, 06/03/2019

Dr. Taylor not only made my 4-year-old son feel comfortable and confident, but he also made me feel the same. I could not appreciate his time, patience, and overall kindness anymore. Thank you all for an amazing experience!

Laura M, 06/03/2019

The Toothzone staff is always very professional and friendly. They keep their office clean, the environment is kid-friendly, and they do well managing their time. We really like Toothzone and all four of my kids have been going here since they started going to the dentist!

April Maston, 05/03/2019

Very professional and efficient. Dr. Taylor is amazing! My son never fears to go to the dentist. We drive over 2 hours to seek treatment here, and it is worth it!

Shari Makey, 05/04/2019

The first time being here. Took both my kids in, 8 & 12. They took them back at the same time! Everything was fast but didn't feel rushed at all. From the front desk to everyone in the back was absolutely wonderful! So kind. Kids loved them. The dentist took his time with each of the kids, really explained a few things to me, talked to the kids. I was open to questions, even though he was, of course, busy, I feel like I actually had time to meet him and ask those questions. Other places I've felt like the actual dentist had too much to do, rushed. barely looked at the kids. I really enjoyed this visit. Will be going back and definitely recommend:)

Wonder Woman, 05/05/2019

We came in to get a cap put back on. They got us on the same day I called and did everything to make her as comfortable as possible. She did great and I'm very impressed

Katherine Popowski, 05/05/2019

ToothZone is the BEST dentist office we’ve ever been to !! Dr. Taylor and his staff always make us feel VERY welcome and treat our kids better than we could have ever imagined. We cannot say enough good things about this place and the wonderful people who work there !!!!!

Jennifer Hodge, 04/04/2019

Super kid friendly, very fun kids area with slides, movies area, coloring, and books. And an adult waiting area with coffee, tea, and homy comfortable couches. Clear and precise on pre and post oral surgery care

Carlota Bradley, 04/05/2019

Best very clean kind and caring make going to the dentist enjoyable

Karen Ramirez, 04/05/2019

Always prompt and knowledgeable with insurance benefits. Kids love coming!

Andrea, 04/04/2019

My daughter has epilepsy and a very huge fear of needles. Until now we have had to either sedate her for dental work or just ignore it because it is impossible to get a needle next to her. Dr. Taylor was AMAZING with my daughter! He was comforting and empowering her to feel in control of the situation. She said to me today “mom don’t ever change my dentist” I recommend Dr. Taylor to anyone but especially patients who have a fear of the dentist or medical issues!! Thank you so much, Dr. Taylor!!!

Stefani Ricord, 04/04/2019

This amazing dentist will accommodate any family! We have 8 kids and they willingly treat all of them in one appointment so I don’t have the headache of a crazy dental schedule. They are kind to each child and always take the time to explain everything in detail! Our kids aren’t afraid to go to the dentist!!

Bethany, 04/04/2019

Dr. Taylor & the staff are so great with the kids! They love the playground too!

Mandee Larson, 04/03/2019

Good service

Ramiro, 03/02/2019

My granddaughter has always liked going to the dentist here. This last time, she went in for a cleaning, x-rays and fluoride treatment and obviously got a new technician so she wasn't as pleased as usual. She still wants to continue going there though. I would still recommend the Toothzone to anyone.

Sheryl Thomas, 03/02/2019

Great professional and friendly I feel comfortable when I go there and I’m not fond of needles.

Kimberly Laughren, 02/02/2019

Great experience every time, with great people ❤️

April Hoyland, 02/01/2019

I just wanted to say Thank you to the team over at ToothZone. And let me tell ya, finding a great dentist, even a good one is hard, much harder then it should be and for me, going thru that process was hell...until I landed at ToothZone and fell under the care of Dr. Boone and the excellent staff that assist him, like the very professional and polite Savannah. I came to them last week to have a filling redone for the 3rd time. The first two times having the work done at a dentist office I completely loathe. So going in I was legit nervous. Let me tell you, for the first time in a year and half my tooth doesn't hurt and you know why? Because this team not only knows what the hell they're doing, but they do it in such a polite, calming and professional manner...that you are just blown away. So if you are nervous, trust me, I get it. Understand that there is good...even great dentist out there, who not only cares about the quality of the work they're putting out but who cares even more for the person laying in that chair who's about to have that work done. Thank you team tooth zone. See ya soon. Patrick

t40forty82, 01/17/2019

I recently had 3 molars pulled here. (Yikes!) 2 wisdom teeth and 1 back molar. Three words: EASY, FAST and PAINLESS. I'm not exaggerating. I literally felt nothing, and the procedure was over so quickly. I have pretty bad anxiety, so I was very worried. But when I walked in for my appointment, I was immediately put at ease by their very kind and friendly staff. The dentist was incredibly nice, the dental assistant as well. Also before the appointment for surgery, the initial dentist was very knowledgeable and helpful and explained everything and answered all of my questions. This office is about 45 minutes from where I live, 100% worth the drive. I very highly recommend going here!

Emily Fox, 01/12/2019

Incredibly friendly staff. Their schedule was also very easy to work with.

AJ scifres, 01/13/2019

We took our two-year-old today, it was his first time seeing the dentist. The staff was all super friendly and very accommodating, as ours is a four parent family, and three of us were present at the appointment. They made space for us all! They were so good with him and made sure he was comfortable and felt safe. We're happy we chose toothzone!

Tamra Duran, 12/14/2018

(Translated by Google) They have always treated us very well. But today it was more than that it was consideration was humanity for me, my son and my family. Thank you! (Original)Siempre nos than atendido have muy been. Pero hoy fue mas queue so fuel consideration fuel humanidad para mi Hijo y mi family. Graciassss !!!!

Ibeth Gonzalez, 12/15/2018

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